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Choosing the correct entry system is a key decision in assembling a security package that works for you and your property.

We have over 25 years' experience in the security system's trade and because of this we are perfectly placed to give you friendly and helpful advice when it comes to choosing a security system that covers all bases.

Types of entry systems we offer include:

  • Audio Entry (Wired)
  • Video Entry (Wired)
  • Wireless Entry
  • GSM Entry System
  • BT Entry System
  • Access Control Key FOBs

What is access control?

Simply put, physical access control is a system that regulates who can enter a property by authorizing or restricting entry at control points. Usually used as a gate entry system or the entry to a doorway, many access control systems can also be used to monitor how many people enter a property, and control when they’re allowed access.

What are the types of access control?

Access control systems used to control access to physical property, including residential access control systems and commercial access control systems are available in various types, depending on the level of access control required and the available budget.

Types of physical access control:

  • Audio Entry (wired) – Audio entry is a physical access control system that allows you to speak to a visitor before granting them access. This type of access control is ideal in a residential property with multiple occupancies.
  • Video Entry (wired) – As the name suggests, a video entry system gives you a visual of your visitor before allowing access, via a monitor inside your property or on a smartphone, tablet or similar device.
  • Wireless Entry – A wireless access control system is a system that allows access using methods including key cards, key fobs or biometric scans, and rather than being hardwired, users' data is transmitted wirelessly.

Why do I need gate a gate entry system?

Gate access control is an essential element to many properties, for both residential and site access control, due to the range of key benefits a modern and advanced physical access control system brings, which include:

  • Automated security

    Your gate is often the main access point of your property, therefore your first line of defence against unwanted visitors or intruders. With state-of-the-art access control installed, you or your security team can automate your security strategy at your gate, to help improve effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Savings on manned security costs

    Employing a manned security team at your gate can be expensive, particularly if it’s 24/7/365, and when you factor in expenses, such as holiday pay and insurance etc.

    With the relevant physical access control system installed, you’re able to reduce the number of manned security operatives required at the gate or remove the need entirely.

  • Convenience for tenants and employees

    If you run a business with multiple employees, or you own or run a residential property of multiple occupancies, manually controlling access at your gate can be a time-consuming task. With a physical access control solution, each tenant or employee will have the convenience of their means of access, allowing them to enter via the gate when required.

  • No more old-fashioned keys

    Locking your gate with an old-fashioned key or keys can be a tedious and risky process, especially if your gate is a long distance from the property, and situated in a dimly-lit area. With an advanced access control system however, you’ll be able to lock your gate remotely, and any means of access ex-employees have, can be deactivated instantly.

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By choosing Gate Control for your access control solution, you’re choosing one of the UK's leading providers of physical access control solutions, and benefitting from:

  • Over 25 years of experience in the security system industry, including the CCTV industry.

  • 20 + years of experience in the supply, installation and repair of a wide range of aluminium, steel and wooden gates with access control, for commercial and residential properties.
  • Coverage of 3 counties, including Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
  • A team of skilled physical access control engineers who go above and beyond for each customer.

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