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Located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, Gate Control is one of the areas' leading suppliers and installers of all types of modern aluminium gates for properties in the commercial and domestic sector.

With more than 10,000 gate installations carried out to date, and over 20 years of experience, we’ll ensure your aluminium gate is of the best quality and installed to the high standard you expect.

Aluminium Driveway Gates

Your driveway is often the first point of entry to your property, so it’s important it’s secure, allows easy access to authorised visitors, and looks great, especially if it’s the first impression clients will have when visiting your property.

At Gate Control, we design, manufacture and install all types of aluminium driveway gates for all types of properties. Each driveway gate fulfils all the above criteria and comes with the option of a range of comprehensive aftersales packages.

Aluminium Gates


We offer a range of extremely sturdy security gate systems.


We are a family business to the core, offering security solutions to homes and businesses


Our installations are of the highest standard thanks to our 20 years experience in the industry.

Why choose an aluminium gate?

There are various reasons to choose a high-quality aluminium gate over gates constructed from other materials. The key reasons include:

  • Aluminium gates are lighter: One of the standout benefits of aluminium is that although it’s a strong material, it’s also extremely light, making aluminium gates a lot easier and cheaper to automate, plus easier to manually control, especially if you have reduced upper body strength.

  • Aluminium gates don’t rust: Another key benefit of aluminium is that it doesn’t corrode in the same way other metals might, meaning, as long as you keep it maintained, your aluminium gate should last and stay looking great for a good number of years.

  • Aluminium gates look great: The fantastic thing about aluminium as a gate building material is that it creates beautiful, contemporary lines, and can be made to replicate wood, helping to create a more traditional appearance, whilst benefitting from the added strength of the aluminium.

Aluminium Gates

Automated Aluminium Gates

Automated Aluminium Gates

Whilst many of our customers' key requirements for their aluminium gates are strength, security and style, many customers also love the convenience and added security of automation.

That’s why, at Gate Control we’ll provide an automation solution to any aluminium gate you choose, with each solution coming with the option of a range of access controls, including:

  • Key fob or card entry: A great choice if the aluminium gate is the entrance to a residential or commercial property, with multiple residents or employees.

  • Audio or video entry: A superb way to improve security at your aluminium gate, by allowing you to communicate and/or see a visitor, prior to granting them access.

  • GSM Entry System: GSM (Global System For Mobile Communications) is a system that allows you to control access via your aluminium gate using your smartphone or tablet.

  • BT Entry System: A BT entry system allows you to control access to your aluminium gate via a smartphone or other device, from anywhere.

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