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Aid the access and flow of traffic to your property

Control the flow of traffic

We can provide a wide range of effective solutions to help aid the access and flow of traffic to your property. Whether you are looking to stop traffic accessing certain areas of your premises or simply regulate its flow, we can help.


From a single barrier to a multiple paying system with many entry and exit points, we can help you choose the correct barrier for your business.


Rising bollards are a great alternative to gates and barriers and in some cases they are the best choice for your property's requirements.

We offer either manual bollards or automated bollards which can be linked to a timer or a remote control, especially effective and popular for high security applications.

Smooth and Controlled Vehicle Access

Provide smoother and better-controlled access to your commercial or residential property with an automated or manually controlled bollard or barrier solution from Gate Control, one of the UK's leading barrier and bollard experts.

Whether you’re looking for car park bollards, security bollards for driveways, residential driveway bollards, or manual or automated arm barriers, we’ve got the solution you’ve been searching for.

Why choose barriers and bollards?

Security barriers or bollards installed by a reputable, security solutions provider, offer various benefits to customers, both in the commercial and residential sectors, including:

  • Security Benefits

    With a bollard and/or barrier solution expertly installed at the entrance to your car park or driveway, you gain two key security benefits:

    • Providing a physical barrier – Our heavy-duty barriers and bollards are specially designed, constructed and installed to help prevent forced entry, or forced exit (in the event of vehicle theft etc.) from your property. The physical barrier created by certain types of road bollards is also an effective method of preventing hostile vehicle mitigation, where a vehicle is purposely used with the intention of harming pedestrians or property.

    • Providing a visible deterrent – Professionally installed barriers or bollards provide a visible display of how you or your business is securing its premises, and act as an effective deterrent to opportunist thieves or attackers.

  • Traffic Flow Control Benefits

    Whether you expect high or low levels of traffic at your commercial or residential property, our high-quality, precision-engineered barriers and bollards provide various ways of controlling the traffic flow, including:

    • Traffic routing – By getting us to install your barriers or bollards at strategic points around your property, you’ll gain a highly-effective method of lane and directional control, which means less unintentional slowing caused by bottlenecks etc.

    • Traffic separation – Our barriers and bollards are also an effective way of separating different types of traffic, such as bicycles, cars or HGVs, to help avoid lane blockages and reduce collisions.

    • Access restriction – By using barriers and/or bollards to restrict access to various parts of your property, you help prevent potential clogging due to drivers trying to U-turn or to carry out other traffic-disrupting manoeuvres.

  • Aesthetic Benefits

    Although you might not choose barriers or bollards for decorative purposes, our bollards and barriers can help to improve the overall aesthetic of your property in a variety of surprising and effective ways, including:

    • Creating a confident welcome – With a series of robust, subtly-designed bollards protecting an area, visitors can and often do, feel more inclined to want to visit due to the visual sense of safety created.

    • Providing a branding opportunity – Barriers or a series of bollards installed on your premises can also be used to attach logos or other brand-specific signs, therefore giving the area a colourful (branded) lift.

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If you’re looking for a barrier of bollard solution for your property, contact Gate Control, a leading Bedfordshire-based supplier and installer of high-quality security products for homes and businesses.

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