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Wooden Gate Specialist

With the installation of commercial wooden gates or domestic wooden gates, your Hemel Hempstead property not only benefits from that extra privacy and security, it also gains a stylish new look, whether contemporary or classical.

When you get your wooden gate from Gate Control, you’ll be benefitting from our years of experience working within Hemel Hempstead, our wide range of wooden gate designs, each with the choice of automation to help make life that little bit easier.

Commercial Wooden Gates

Your commercial property is often a reflection of the standards you set in your business. By installing a high-quality wooden gate, whether automated or manually controlled, you begin making a great first impression from the moment a visitor arrives.

Our commercial wooden gates are available in a range of styles, from all wood to steel framed and wooden boarded, each one adapted and hand-finished to fit perfectly to the entrance to your property.


We offer a range of extremely sturdy security gate systems.


We are a family business to the core, offering security solutions to homes and businesses


Our installations are of the highest standard thanks to our 20 years experience in the industry.

Domestic Wooden Gates

Just like our commercial properties, we want our homes to look great and have a good level of security at the entrance. With a wooden gate from Gate control, you get both style and security for your Hemel Hempstead property.

Either choose one of our existing gate designs, or get us to make one from scratch, following your own designs, whether they’re carefully drawn out plans, or just an idea that’s been running around your mind.

Wooden Security Gates

Security, whether it’s at the entrance to your Hemel Hempstead commercial property, or the entrance to your domestic property is of vital importance. That’s why, at Gate Control we provide a whole range of wooden security gates.

Not only are our wooden security gates solidly constructed from responsibly sourced hardwood, to add the next level of security, they also come with the option of a variety of access control solutions, including:

Domestic Wooden Gates
Wooden Security Gates

Wooden Security Gates

Audio entry – An audio entry system (wired) allows you to have audio contact with visitors before allowing them access.

Video entry – A video entry system gives you the chance to see and hear visitors, adding that extra level of security at your property entrance.

Key fob or card reader entry – A key fob or card reader entry is ideal for residential properties with multiple occupants, as it removes the need for outdated and less secure key options.

GSM or Telecom entry systems – A GSM (Global System for Mobile) or a Telecom entry system allows you to control access from your landline, or anywhere, via your smartphone. Another great benefit about this system is its vandal-proof panel which can be installed in places hardwired systems can’t.

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To get the perfect wooden gate for your Hemel Hempstead property, contact Gate Control today, either via the website contact form, email or phone. With plenty of styles to choose from, we provide a full, professional installation service, plus comprehensive aftersales packages to ensure your gate goes on performing year after year.

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