Monitor your home and business around the clock

Monitor your home and business around the clock

CCTV gives you access to view your home or work property, either onsite via a monitor or remotely.

From single camera set-ups focusing on a single entry/exit point to multi-camera operations that record different locations across your premises, we can talk you through the process of getting set up with CCTV.

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All footage is recorded onto a Digital Video Recorder and stored for approximately a month, during which time you can also transfer it directly to a CD, DVD or USB memory stick for viewing, as required. Due to the latest advances, you can now monitor your surveillance system in your own time using your smartphone, tablet or PC. With the help of an app, you will have total peace of mind any time of the day.

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Why Install CCTV?

With over 20 years of experience in providing state-of-the-art security systems for both the commercial and domestic sectors, at Gate Control we have a thorough understanding of the technology required to effectively secure your property.

One of the security measures for domestic or commercial properties is a modern, state-of-the-art CCTV system. Whether it’s a single camera, or a multi-camera setup, the benefits of installing CCTV, are wide-ranging, and include:

  • CCTV constantly monitors your entire property

    With a professionally and strategically installed CCTV system, your entire property can be monitored constantly, even in those blind spots, where the more determined intruder may choose to hide.

    With this constant monitoring, as the property owner or manager, you or your security team will have the ability to:

    • Safely carry out planned checks: Your Gate Control CCTV system will allow you to make intermittent or ongoing checks of the property, without having to leave your current location, such as your living room or office.

    • Investigate noises: No one likes to hear an unexpected noise, especially if it means risking your personal safety to investigate. With a Gate Control CCTV system set up, any noise or suspicious activity can be investigated instantly at a safe distance and reported to the police, or relevant security department if necessary.

    • See who’s visiting: Not all visitors to your property have honest intentions or are the person they say they are. With Gate Control CCTV systems and access control systems installed, you or your security team will be able to instantly see who’s at the door, and decide whether to allow them access or not.

  • CCTV Is A Visual Deterrent

    In 76 studies carried out in the UK by the College of Policing, it was shown that overall, crime was reduced by 13%, when visible CCTV systems were installed on a property, whether private or commercial. Studies like this prove how effective a modern and visible CCTV system is at deterring thieves (particularly opportunist thieves), from attempting to gain unauthorised access into or onto your property.

  • CCTV saves money on physical security

    Many commercial and domestic properties in the UK are secured by round-the-clock physical surveillance. But, if you’ve ever hired a physical security guard, you’ll know it’s understandably, not cheap.

    With the installation of a Gate Control CCTV & surveillance and access control system installed, you have the opportunity to reduce the size of your physical security team, or in some cases, remove it, saving money in the process.

  • CCTV can reduce insurance costs

    It stands to reason, that the more secure your property, the lower the chance of it being burgled, meaning many insurance companies will insure it at a lower monthly cost (contact your own insurance provider for more details).

    A professionally installed CCTV system, whether a multi-camera setup or a single-camera setup, is one of the key security measures many insurance companies look for when assessing the level of cover you require.

To find out more about the CCTV systems and access control systems we provide at Gate Control, enquire online or contact us by email or by phone, to speak directly to one of our security specialists.

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