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Based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, Gate Control is a leading provider of all types of residential gates. Whether you’re looking for residential security gates, or a residential gate to improve the look of your residential property, contact us today for your free site survey. With 20+ years in the industry, and over 10,000 gate installations carried out to date, we have all the skill, experience and resources necessary, to ensure your domestic gates are designed, manufactured and installed to your exact specifications and standards.

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We offer a range of extremely sturdy security gate systems.


We are a family business to the core, offering security solutions to homes and businesses


Our installations are of the highest standard thanks to our 20 years experience in the industry.

Ready-made or bespoke residential gates?

Depending on your requirements and budget, we offer two different ways to get the perfect residential gate for your domestic property. Choose from:

  • Ready-made residential gates

    Buying a readymade residential gate is the simplest and quickest solution to getting your new gate. Simply choose the style you’d like from our wide range of aluminium, steel, steel-framed and wooden boarded, or responsibly-sourced hardwood gates.

    Once you’ve made your choice of readymade residential gate, we’ll ensure it’s fully modified (and painted) to suit your property, then we’ll professionally install it, including any add-ons, such as automation or access control systems, on a day most convenient to you.

  • Bespoke residential gates

    If you’re looking for a residential gate that’s truly unique to your property, why not choose our bespoke option, where we’ll create your new residential gate from scratch, according to your vision and designs?

    Maybe you just have a rough sketch or simply an idea in your mind of the sort of residential gate you’d like. No matter how far along you are with the designs, our gate design experts will work closely with you, to come up with your perfect gate.

Check out our page on driveways gates to learn more about the different types of gates available to secure your home.

Wooden Security Gates
Access Control

Residential Security Gates

The front and back entrance to your property is often the most vulnerable access point. That’s why, it’s vital you install a residential security gate, specially designed to provide a high level of security and to help deter any would-be burglars from choosing to break in.

At Gate Control, we offer a whole range of high-quality residential security gates, built using rigid materials, and proven manufacturing techniques, designed to help prevent unauthorised access from even the most determined of burglars.

Access control systems

To further increase the security at your residential gate, we provide a variety of advanced access control solutions, including

  • Audio Entry

    Audio Entry Systems, are the perfect way to communicate by voice with visitors, before allowing them access via your residential gate. Audio Entry Systems are particularly suited to properties with multiple occupants or those with frequent visitors.

  • Video Entry

    Video Entry Systems give you the option to see visitors before granting access, and can be equipped with rain covers, provide night vision, and are also available in wireless formats, with a long-range facility.

  • Key Fob Entry System

    A Key Fob Entry System is ideal for the residential gate to a flat, where individual tenants are given their means of entry and access control, whilst also giving the property owner the ability to easily restrict access once a tenant has vacated.

  • GSM Entry Systems

    GSM (Global System for Mobile) Entry systems, allow you to control access to your residential gate via a mobile phone or similar device, from anywhere.

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To find out more about the residential gates offered at Gate Control, or any of our other products and services, including our comprehensive aftersales packages, and professional CCTV installation, contact us via the website, by email, or by phone, to speak directly to one of our team.

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